H08 - Crest of Daredevil Hill


H08 - Crest of Daredevil Hill - It doesn't really have that name, but this is where Archie Smith and Wayne launched their rolling go-kart contraption. One time, the steering rope got caught in the pivot and prevented steering just as they were getting to the curve at the bottom of the hill. Archie jumped off, but Wayne was entangled in the rope and couldn’t bail. The kart crashed, catching Wayne's head in the rear wheel spokes briefly. It pulled him down between the frame where his head hit the ground. The rope caught his feet so that the kart dragged him along until it hit a tree and finally came to rest. Wayne's back hurt a lot for some days afterward, but he didn't dare tell his folks, lest they refuse to let Archie and him play together. Wayne still wonders sometimes, when his back hurts, if it's because of this injury.
In the photo above you see Tierra Redondo, and in the photo below the Three xx. Looking another direction you can also see Santa Lucia Peak. (35.80856981, -121.044954)